Blue Foundation

~ Watch You Sleeping ~

featuring Mark Kozelek


by tom johnson


“I want to carry you but you won’t get up.

It’s really killing me,

you know it’s killing me…”

While Mark Kozelek’s uprising over the past couple of years has led to some of his most forthright and penetrable work, his new found way with words and the stream-of-consciousness manner in which they tumble, all loose-of-tongue, from those most weathered of lungs has meant that the soft and utterly, profoundly sullen demeanour of his earlier work, which has the ability to floor even the most seasoned of characters, has been somewhat left behind.

Blue Foundation press picture 2016 4

Said work, from his Red House Painter days through to April-era Sun Kil Moon recordings, simply ached with melancholy; whether touching upon relationships soured, the passing of friends and family, or more indistinct entities like ships passing in early morning fog, like perfume held in the breeze, Kozelek had a way with words, or perhaps more so his voice, that could seem to bend a day in its axis, to shift the entire atmosphere of wherever you happened to find yourself listening.

Whether Blue Foundation had this in mind while working on this new collaborative effort – premiering below from today – their most considered and graceful touch weaves a striking backdrop for Kozelek’s voice to fall in upon. The project of Brooklyn based producer and songwriter Tobias Wilner and Copenhagen’s multi instrumentalist and producer Bo Rande, the pair deliver something distinctly special here; the soft run of keys seem to bend in the wind, while the quiet pulse of the synths, with added dashes of half-buried samples, add even greater weight to Kozelek’s most sympathetic vocal for a number of years and help to conjure up an almost overwhelming sense of despondency; an isolated foreboding that builds itself up somewhere in the chest and simply stays there, brooding and unshakeable.

Lifted from Blue Foundation’s forthcoming ‘Blood Moon‘ LP, which is released on September 2nd and also features collaborations with Jonas Barre of Mew and Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Spring, ‘Watch You Sleeping‘ is one of the most quietly powerful, furiously evocative, tracks that 2016 has produced thus far. Beautifully constructed and plagued by a human warmth that makes the whole piece so much more affecting, it makes for an incredibly special three-minutes – and you can stream it below right now.

‘Blood Moon’ is released on September 2nd

You can pre-order it here


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