Bear’s Den | Elysium

by Tom Johnson

With a heavy-hearted sigh, London trio Bears Den have unveiled a small taste of their new material and the first track to be released from their forthcoming debut album, which is set for release later this year via the ever-wonderful Communion/Caroline.

Beginning with a softened intro the track flows along gently and steadily, a delicate strum and the kind of yearning vocals that quietly claw away at the listener, drawing you in to the heart of the track before you even realise you’re there. But then comes the shift; the track suddenly bursting in to life as a hearty blast of brass breaks through the fog. It’s a rousing moment and from there the track simply unravels, swelling beautifully to the kind of finale that’ll have you scampering for the open air.

It’s a beautifully-crafted three minutes and an impressive introduction to what promises to be one of the years most engaging debuts. Listen to the track exclusively below.

Elysium is released on July 21st, via Communion/Caroline.

The bands debut LP will follow later this year.

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