words by tom johnson

photograph by omari spears 

It’s almost no surprise to hear that Alexander’sCare” nearly didn’t exist. Skeletal and withdrawn, it’s the kind of the song that drifts by in the shadows, that tries its hardest to not be seen at all.

The new track, which you can try to get a grip on here today, is lifted from Wonderland, the second album from Boston’s Alexander which is released on Valentines Day, February 14th, via Disposable America – and can be pre-ordered here.

Similar in foggy tone to Hovvdy’s more despondent moments, “Care” might try its best to pass you by but if focused on carefully, if sat with in the stillness of an afternoon, it stirs the kind of awkward sadness that lingers for long after. “I wish I couldn’t care,” Alex Fatato sings at the song’s mid-point, the small swelling of voice and instrumentation lifting the whole thing for an eerie moment of release; like watching a firework without any sound.

“Care is the last song on the record and almost didn’t get recorded,” Fatato says of the new song. “I found an acoustic GarageBand demo on my computer at the last minute and we arranged it all in the studio. It’s probably my favorite on the album. I think it expresses what a lot of the album is about,” he continues. “The joy, uncertainty, and frustration of what’s next. That involves cycles of certainty and defeat. But there’s always tomorrow, unmapped and coming fast. That is a good thing.”

The new record arrives in a couple of weeks, be sure to check out “Care” below right now.


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