Power Animal

3 Months And A Week (ft. Eskimeaux)


by tom johnson

Our favourite song from officially our favourite album of last year, Eskimeaux’s Broken Necks still feels eminently fresh to this day, but it gets a whole new breath of air regardless in this new track from Gabby Smith’s previous band, Power Animal. Featuring a guest vocal from Smith herself, ‘3 Months And A Week‘ is the first taste of a new record which is scheduled for release later this year and is actually the song that prompted Smith’s own ‘Broken Necks’ is a response, which she told us about in our interview earlier this year.

Led by Keith Hampson’s surreal knack for crafting broodingly evocative pop songs from the least linear pathways, the new track is a dynamic burst of bedroom-pop that throws scattergun percussion in to a more ready-set formula; the quiet tug of melancholy ripe throughout as the track shimmies its way through a near four-minutes of impassioned lyrics and inventive instrumentation that come together to form something almost peculiarly addictive. Stream it below.

Taken from the new album ‘Good Wind Pt.1‘, released later this year



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