way fog moves-1


‘The Way Fog Moves’

4 hours of quiet songs for a noisy world


written & curated by tom johnson

I look for places to walk. Away from the grey blurred rush of the city, amid the hills and weather, surrounded by water, an island off an island; or else surrounded by trees, a pocket of quiet to sit and be still, to listen.

I prefer to silence, save for an occasional pause, or to hear the sound of nature, calling, calling. I fill the space between what I see with soft noise, songs that don’t distract but embellish, subtly stirring soundtracks that unwind and smother, like clouds resting on mountain peaks, the way fog moves, dense and deliberate, when it means to takeover.

And these are those that I found, the gentle treasures that found a way in and stayed, as company, as quiet illuminations, as reminders of what was being looked for and wanted, and what was being left behind and forgotten. They lean in as I lean in; into wind and rain, into salient blue skies perfectly reflected, into intangible things that can’t be named.

. . .


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