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– Monday Medley –

Seven songs from the past seven days


words by tom johnson


Fits – Ice Cream On A Nice Day

The best one-minute-sixteen-seconds of the past week, Fits make good on all that early promise with the dazzling first cut from their newly-announced debut album, All Belief Is Paradise, which will be released in November via their new home on Father/Daughter Records. Sharp, smart, and satisfyingly prompt, the new track is a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come; a little gem of a pop song that you’ll wish laster for far longer than it does.


Wy – You + I

Taken from their debut album ‘Okay’, which will arrive on October 20th via Better Call Rob and Hybris, “You + I” is a beautifully brooding blast of nordic pop from Wy, and “one of two love songs” to be found on the Swedish duo’s aforementioned new record. Surrounded by a stirring atmosphere that lends the track an added level of intrigue, amid the brighter moments that inform it, the track is a poignant, compelling prelude to whatever comes next; love song or otherwise.


Nice Knees – 2 Much

The solo project from Bell Cenower (picture above), Nice Knees precedes the release of her new EP with the sharing of the eminently addictive “2 Much“, a woozy mix of colourful electronic instrumentation and more a stirring lead voice that intricately weaves its way through the tightly-knitted forest of beats and loops, resulting in something that feels all the more captivating for the mystery that it comes wrapped up within. The full six-track collection is released on September 15th, via Broken Circles.


Florist – Understanding Light

Perhaps the most endearing moment on Florist’s truly wonderful new record (September 29th, Double Double Whammy), Understanding Light is a mesmerising meeting of soft sound and stirring atmosphere, the softly plucked guitar adorned with subtle ambient noise as Emily Sprague’s always-fragile voice acts like the light at the centre of it all: “Will I remember the shape of the moon when I am dead? I will remember the shape of your body and your hands,” she sings, conjuring up the kind of subtle magic that can change the shape of the world around you. Quietly astounding, as always.


Skott – Remain

Still mesmerising with the warped, left-field pop music she can seemingly produce in her sleep, Skott has unveiled another fascinating track in the form of the simmering, electronic-laced “Remain“; the b-side to previous track “Mermaid” which further underlined her burgeoning craft. Always inventive, with lightly skewed vocals that twist and turn their way through four-minutes of meticulous production; layered, lush, and captivating throughout.


EERA – Christine/I Wanna Dance

Announcing her much-awaited debut album with not one, but two brilliant new tracks, the Norwegian-born, London-based, EERA comes-of-age via two fascinating insights in to her new work. “Christine” is deft but atmospheric, reminiscent, perhaps, of Bat For Lashes eerie folk/pop unravellings, while “I Want To Dance” is brilliantly gnarly pop music, three-minutes of chugging guitars and twisted vocals that compel throughout. The “Reflection Of Youth” LP is released on November 3rd, via Big Dada.


Say Sue Me – Good For Some Reason

Instantly loveable, “Good For Some Reason” is the radiant new track from Say Sue Me, a band who certainly sit as the only “surf-inspired indie rock quartet from Busan, South Korea” that we’ve ever covered on GFP. Hazy, somewhat melancholy, but exuding a beautifully golden glow that lingers for long after the track has finished, Good For Some Reason is a wonderful burst of guitar pop, taken from a new 7″ single which the ball will release in early October.


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