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Seven songs from the past seven days



words by tom johnson


Weyes Blood – Everybody’s Talkin’

(Mexican Summer)

Lifted from a new 7″ available via her Mexican Summer label, the wonderful Weyes Blood has unveiled two new cover versions, both of which come wrapped up in that same eerie glow that makes all of her work so overwhelmingly special. Led by a cover of Soft Machine’s “A Certain Kind”, the flip-side contains a sparse and poignant take on Harry Nilsson’s seminal hit – and it makes for a truly striking departure from the rush of the day.


David West with Teardrops – Cherry on Willow

(Tough Love Records)

Released on 20th October via Tough Love, David West continues a rather flawless couple of years with the release of new album Cherry On Willow, a somewhat more collaborative effort (hence the new elongated name) featuring contributions from Bob Jones of Eaters, Louis Hooper of Rat Columns, Mikey Young of Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Raven Mahon of Grass Widow. Forgetting all the detail for a second, new single – and title-track – ‘Cherry On Willow’ is suitably spacious, West’s gorgeous flow as present and correct as ever before as the song leads a merry dance through its gorgeously hazy three-and-a-half minutes.


Dama Scout – Sugar

(Hand In Hive Records)

A bold three minutes of gnarly guitars and Eva Liu’s infectious vocal which perfectly dips between a hazy sense of languidness and something altogether more eerie and captivating. Building on the success and rabid spirit of previous track Suzie Wong, “Sugar” is the second track to be taken from the band’s self-titled debut EP, which is released on 10th November, via the ever-impressive Hand In Hive label (Swimming Tapes, Wyldest, et al).


Slonk – Jane’s Boots

(Art Is Hard Records)

Equal parts sloppy and beautiful – which is perhaps a rather apt summation for the Art Is Hard label behind it – Slonk’s new track takes a little while to needle out its own space but repeated listens reveal a little gem of a track that lingers for far longer than initially expected; the clattering percussion and gorgeous strings seemigly fighting each other for space initially until it everything brilliantly in to place. It’s available now as a Postcard/Download, via those AIH champs, here.


Germans – Little Red

A hypnotic, mellow, melodic track that drifts on for just shy of six wonderfully elegant minutes, Little Red is the latest track from Julia Kwamya’s Brooklyn-based Germans project. Melding gorgeous production and instrumentation with Kwamya’s own hazy, weightless lead voice, it makes for a marriage of subtle, captivating charm – made even more impressive given that it’s only Germans’ fourth ever song, following a gap of a few years since her initial breakthrough. Here’s to hoping we don’t have to wait so long next time around.


Babygirl – Tomorrow Tomorrow

So weightless you can almost sense it drifting out of your grasp long before its three-and-a-half minutes are over, the new track from Toronto’s Babygirl is a subtle slice of dream-pop that acts as a perfect bridge between the spontaneity of summer and the brooding isolation that starts to seep in as that season quietly disappears again. Self-released and available now, the duo’s new track makes for a gorgeous little break in the clouds.


Ane Brun – How To Disappear Completely (Radiohead cover)

Balloon Ranger Records

We’re finishing this week’s round-up with something very special indeed, in the form of Ane Brun’s (pictured above) haunting take on Radiohead’s Kid A masterpiece, which is taken from her forthcoming new album, released in early October. Adding even emotive weight to her version is that fact that Brun first performed the track after being specially requested to perform it at the funeral for Crispin Bevington, one of the five people who were killed in the Stockholm terrorist attack of April 7, 2017. Faint, somewhat unadorned, and transfixing throughout, it’s a very special recording and one that might well change the shape of your day.


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