GFP’s favourite songs of 2016

(So far…)


It’s fair to say that 2016 has already been a remarkable year, and while we could reflect on the heroes that we’ve lost, the current state of the political landscape, GFP has always felt, to us at least, like a haven from such things; a comfortable place to sit and listen, to discover something new that shapes your day, to spend a little time with those you’re already warmly aligned with.

And so, as we enter the most unsteady of weeks, following a similarly saddening week, here’s the mother of all distractions: a mammoth playlist featuring a whole load of our favourite songs that the year has gifted to us. It covers all kind of ground, from the soft and subtle to the rough and rambunctious, from American plains to British bedrooms, from lungs and loves to hearts and hurts and that’s enough alliteration from me.

Enjoy the playlist, and look after each other out there.


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