A Music Journey

(Issue Four)


by gold flake paint

A Music Journey is an audio accompaniment to Issue Four of our new physical publication: A Music Journal.

A Music Journal is a long-form, in-depth music magazine made by Gold Flake Paint and available to buy now, worldwide:

This mix features every artist covered in the journal from front cover to back. We hope you find something new to love.


Vagabon – Water Me Down
Purple Mountains – Nights That Won’t Happen
Why? – The Crippled Physician (Ft. Gia Margaret, Lala Lala)
Bat For Lashes – Kids In The Dark
Field Mouse – Meaning
Long Beard – Getting By
Shura – Forevher
MUNA – Taken
Wilco – Everyone Hides
Jenny Hval – High Alice
Bon Iver – RABi
Black Belt Eagle Scout – My Heart Dreams
Shannon Lay – August
Strange Ranger – Sunday
Molly Sarle – Twisted
Proper. – A$AP Rocky Type Beat
Yohuna – Dead To Me
Cross Record – I Release You
Bill Callahan – Angela
Foxes In Fiction – Rush To Spark
(Sandy) Alex G – Southern Sky
Vagabon – Flood
Penelope Isles – Chlorine
Hovvdy – Ruin (my ride)
Marika Hackman – the one
Jay Som – Nighttime Drive
Kaina – Could Be A Curse 
Tegan and Sara – I’ll Be Back Someday
Mermaidens – Millennia 
Broken Chanter – Wholesale
Brittany Howard – History Repeats
RF Shannon – Don’t By Shy
Boy Scouts – Get Well Soon
Field Guides – Guessing at Animals
Nora Petran – What It Takes To Be A Man
Highnoon – Semi Sweet
Bonniesongs – Frank
Queen of Jeans – On Your Shoulder
Backxwash – Don’t Come To The Woods
Stone Irr – All We Want Anymore
Lilith – Coward 
Esther Rose – You Made It This Far
Slaughter, Beach Dog – Black Oak
Sui Zhen – Perfect Place
Pearla – Daydream
Dude York – Box
Oso oso – dig (II)
Frog – It’s Something I Do
Alexandra – In The Light
Infinity Crush – Misbehaving
Molly Burch – Your Party



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