An Extended Play


introduction by sammy maine

words by pizzagirl

Pizzagirl’s debut EP An Extended Play channels poignant pop perfection. The kind that was made for late night solo drives, smelling the city air, trying to feel comfortable in your own skin. The Liverpool artist’s introspective bedroom-electronica harnesses the power of what it means to be alone, piecing together a kaleidoscope of experience that feels candid and courageous – like taking a big gulp of night air before spilling your guts. The record is out today; you can stream it in full right here, and scroll a little further down the page to read a track-by-track guide to each song courtesy of Pizzagirl. Check it out right now:

Favourite Song

This is the first slice of the pie, sprinkled with melancholy and a glaze of nostalgia, this is the appetiser to wet your musical whistle! I wrote this melody in the alleys of 1984 with a betamax of blade runner and a misty glass of crystal pepsi x


Fun is back! The rip roaring second bite of the pie brings you out of your previous emotional slumber induced by “favourite song” into a sweet n cheap beat paradise where you are the guest of honour! I crafted this record with the intention that a hip hopefully will be shook!


You are buckled in and I’m driving you to 1986 with this third portion! you’ve ordered at the drive thru a super size meal deal of electropop with a side order of funkadelic beat fries! Don’t worry about paying, the bills on me


This cut is the most baked piece of the pie coming from the bedroom of a 17 year old pizzateen, this song has flown alongside me for a number of years and I am pleased that it has its own wings and flies solo to the shores of the world wide web!

Coffee Shop

Wash all the previous slices down with a freshly brewed cup of “coffee shop” blended with some creamy licks and some bitter but aromatic vocal riffs! I blended this beat a while back but I think it’s still fresh to guzzle down with ur caffeine compadres!

Private Number

The last wedge of the pie rounds off our pizza scented journey together! A love song about a computer who falls for a user but the user is unaware of this digital affection! The computer is sad and so am I to end this adventure with you!! But don’t weep, I’ll be back in the words of my favourite 80s robotic bodybuilder!


An Extended Play is out today, via Heist or Hit

Buy it here


Pizzagirl on tour:

19th – LIVERPOOL, EBGBS (with Her’s)
20th – SHEFFIELD, Picture House Social (with Her’s)
21st – EDINBURGH, The Mash House (with Her’s)

1st – LONDON, The Fix @ The Social
2nd – BIRMINGHAM, Hare & Hounds (with Her’s)
3rd – NOTTINGHAM, The Bodega (with Her’s)
10th – SOUTHAMPTON, Heartbreakers (with Her’s)
11th – BOURNEMOUTH, Anvil (with Her’s)
12th – OXFORD, The Cellar (with Her’s)
25th – MANCHESTER, The White Hotel




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