Photo Essay/Premiere:


“One Of A Kind”


introduction by tom johnson

words and photographs by frame

additional photography by tonje thilesen


“Love, a least in the beginning, can feel all encompassing,” says Caitlin Frame, as a prelude to the latest track from her beautiful forthcoming debut album, which we’re sharing here today. “Six years down the road I still felt like I had the real deal – but there was a strange too-good-to-be-true feeling accompanying it.”

Shaped by the last couple of years of an eight-year relationship and marriage that came to an end, the new record is informed by the many associated facets of such a thing – ”¬†polyamory, jealousy, new love” – but manages to do it in a way that feels, suitably, beautiful and revealing, as well as, occasionally, crushingly sad. Taken from said record, new track ‘One Of A Kind’ is indicative of these sentiments; a fleeting moment of brooding pop magic following a pair slowly unraveling from each other’s grip.

“One of a kind, is that what we really are? Or just two lovers taking it too far,” Frame sings, as the golden age of pop music wraps itself around her tender lead vocal, the solid instrumental backing lending the track a somewhat ageless expression.

“This song encapsulates the feeling I had of being in love, but then seeing it for what it might really be – a beautiful moment in my life,” Caitlin adds to her own description; the dust that has now settled on her relationship changing the shape of what came and went, like new sunlight uncovering the quiet, shaded corners of a room we thought we knew every inch of.

You can stream the new track below right now. and scroll a little further down the page to find an accompanying photo essay pieced together by Frame and the brilliant photographer Tonje Thilesen.


Photo Essay:

1. Photograph by Tonje Thilesen

2. “One of a Kind” was actually the first song I wrote for the record. I was on tour with a friend’s band and scribbled down lyrics throughout the month, which then became many of the beginnings of each song on the record. I like to say that I have the handwriting of a teenage boy math savant.

3. I have a few shelves across from my bed that have a bunch of meaningful tchotchkes including crystals, shells, books about time and space and plants that I’ve managed to keep alive.


4. Chinatown, NYC 2017

Photograph by Tonje Thilesen

5. People are always surprised that I have a tattoo on my hand. This is one that I had always wanted to get – the unit of sound: decibels. It is absolutely as painful as you would think, but years of working in restaurants and holding hot plates has served me well.

6. This is from a day I spent running around chinatown, taking photos with Tonje. I love her work.

Photograph by Tonje Thilesen

‘State Of Mind’ is released on Ocotber 28th, via Concierge Records

Pre-order it here



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