“To Know Your Tone”

A photo story by Hoop


introduction by sammy maine

photo story by caitlin roberts

Seattle four-piece Hoop make cosy, soft-gem pop that picks out the peripherals of the every day. Although their retrospections speak of personal struggles – with debut LP Super Genuine centering around abusive relationships from a femme perspective – they garner a certain composure that could soothe the uneasiest of chests. It’s an exhale of truth, that produces a consolatory vulnerability in the face of destruction.

Although their output is wholly introspective, Hoop flourish in their collaborations. The band also consists of members from a bunch of other Seattle projects including Sick Sad World, Gar Pal and Ings, that provides a vital alliance, giving rise to Hoop’s overall intention. Latest track “To Know Your Tone” saw vocalist Allyson Foster sing the entire song when lead vocalist Caitlin Roberts found that she had lost her voice entirely. What results is a bold and affecting narrative, performed with an attentive poise. Mellow, repetitive strums and conscientious yet laid-back percussion provide a hushed backdrop to a poignant offering; it’s a song that knows just where to place everything, with each part complimenting the other.

The album Super Genuine is released by lead vocalist Caitlin Roberts’ own label Decency Den Records and you can listen to “To Know Your Tone” below. Further down, you can see a photo story of the recording process – and Hoop’s formation – from Caitlin Roberts.


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