Photo Essay:

Helena Deland


Austin, Texas / March 2018 / 35mm

words & photography by tom johnson

Life as a storm; little pockets of measured quiet and release, held on to for as long as possible between all the bluster and billowing, a way to separate things and to examine things, or to just find space and enjoy it before we leap in once more, before it leaps in to us without any foreshadowing.

Similarly music. Similarly Helena Deland’s music, just a handful of songs, for now, all crystalline guitars, all gentle pulses of noise, all soft and subtle words, and a voice layered and enveloping, a barrier to the outside world, a space for escape, for unwinding, for remembering to breathe.



I look for places to hide what I’ve found so far

I can look for more

And wrap my mind around it

Pull it in close



We slither down the avenue

You ask me if I’d think of you

I don’t know



I still could get comfortable

If you only let me in on what’s on your mind

What is on your mind?

Body language gets old with time

And I can’t read your mind



From the Series of Songs “Altogether Unaccompanied” Vol. I & II‘ is out now

Buy it here, via Bandcamp


Tour Dates:

24th May – London, The Waiting Room (Tickets)
25th May – Manchester, Dot to Dot Festival
26th May – Bristol, Dot to Dot Festival
27th May – Nottingham, Dot to Dot Festival
29th May – Glasgow, King Tuts Wah Wah Club, supporting Ben Mhòr (Tickets)



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