Penelope Isles

“Why We’re Always Talking”


by ross jones

Having drawn themselves away from the crowded and over-saturated that most of the time extinguishes any sense of creative excitement within significant municipalities, Penelope Isles have built their own tempered fortress. Channelling evocative structures and intimate verse within writing evidently engaging pop songs, the Brighton four-piece are sailing amongst themselves and are evidently treasuring such liberation.

Why We’re Always Talking“, an Autumnal treat from the group, follows a more considered and climatic formula that astutely unveils anxiety on human social behaviour amongst a tranquil stream of detached yet harmonious rhythm. Jack Wolter’s elliptical wordplay is delivered with wonder and deliberation, studying his own personal synergies with others. “We don’t listen to each other daily / and I know i’m one of those kind of people” evoking the feeling of standing in amongst a busy place but being completely focused within your own mind – as if it was just you in the room. It’s another significant entry from Penelope Isles that adds to their maturing personality.


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