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Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo

“Stuck in the Crib”


words by tom johnson

photograph by emily burtner

The term “best-kept secret” is perhaps overused in this new musical landscape that allows local scenes to thrive on their own terms, but you get the feeling the tag will stick with regards to Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo. Sharing space in Philadelphia with the likes of Body Meat, Palm, and Spirit of the Beehive, Pedazo today launches a brand new long-player called Dun Dun, an eleven-song collection to be released in April via the excellent Richmond label, Citrus City (Crumb, skirts, Video Age).

Brilliantly colourful throughout, Dun Dun finds inspiration in classic hiphop, but is spun into beautifully distinct shapes by the glitchy production and poetic verses that Pedazo creates, the whole piece presented like a cryptic mosaic of influence and inspiration.

Lead track ‘Stuck in the Crib’ is indicative of this singular sound, a wholly ambiguous but fully captivating melding of skewed beats, playful samples, and Pedazo’s laidback vocal which just about holds thing whole thing together and wraps the piece up inside just a couple of minutes. The track arrives today via a new video which can be viewed below and was directed by Tyler Borchardt:

Stuck in the Crib” captures Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo confined to a floating structure adorned by scenes from a projector. The projections contain shots from Montreal dancers, Marco Edouard and Sadiya Elisabeth, as well as intimate moments with partner and album Art Director, Emily Burtner.

Dun Dun is released April 16th, Citrus City Records


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