First listen:

Party Traitor

“Tapping your Foot at the Cinema”


by sammy maine

Last year it was revealed that the inability to filter out “competing sensory information” – chewing, crunching, tapping – is something that’s a common occurrence in the “creatively talented”. Creative bros Charles Darwin, Anton Chekhov had it and apparently Marcel Proust lined his bedroom with cork back in the day so he could block out noise to work.

If you needed any further proof that those unable to filter out the annoying habits of others are creative geniuses, then look no further than Party Traitor and their debut track “Tapping your Foot at the Cinema”. Made up of Nicola from favourite punks Doe, One Beat Zines co-founder Sarah and drummer Rita, Party Traitor have only been partying together since April but their tongue-in-cheek approach to songwriting already has us tapping our feet (sorry).

It’s gritty yet peppy or, as they describe themselves, “sludge-pop”. It’s unpolished and unapologetically so, as a rolling bass line matches the impatience of dealing with that dude who just won’t sit still. Rita’s vocals are upfront and direct, as fancy flourishes are thrown out in favour of some straight-up catchy hooks, whilst a short, guitar-led interlude sounds like it could be taken straight out of SNES boss level.

Their playful approach is instantly grin-inducing and after the year we’ve just had, isn’t that exactly what we need?

party traitor

Party Traitor release their self-titled debut EP on November 21st via Keroleen.

You can pre-order it here.


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