by tom johnson

Dense, shimmering pop music of the most nightly persuasion, and released via the ever-impressive Winspear Records (Hoops, Brenda’s Friend), PARTS is the debut EP from the Grand Rapids duo of the same name, and the three tracks housed within make for a gleaming introduction to their work.

Somewhat shaded, before the whole thing unravels in spectacular fashion on closing track “Flowers”, PARTS are indeed far more than the sum of theirs, using their two components, the voice and the music, to create something that feels altogether more wholesome. The electronic backdrop is crisp and robotic, adding delicate synths and more robust percussion to the swoon of those hazy vocals, and it makes for two sweetly indulgent swathes of meandering electro-pop on both “Pieces” and “Play Fair”.

It’s the aforementioned “Flowers” that truly steals the show, however, and in such a piece they have one of 2016’s stand-out debut moments; a stylish, radiant burst of, well, floral pop music that takes the whole PARTS aesthetic to new levels of glistening melodrama that might well end up soundtracking every poignant journey¬†you find yourself on this Autumn. ¬†Stream the whole thing below and buy your very own cassette via the associated links.

‘PARTS’ EP is out now – buy it on cassette via Winspear Records


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