Video Premiere:

Okey Dokey

“Congenial Man”


by tom johnson

“Our buddy Mike owns this amazing little art collective in East Nashville called Queen Ave. They have wacky art installations frequently where Mike and other artists showcase unconventional pieces,” so says Okey Dokey, introducing their inspired video for new track “Congenial Man“, premiering below from today. “We were over at his place and he flipped on two super old cameras and we just started seeing what it would be like to piece us together is different ways.”

The ‘Mike’ in question is visual artists Mike Klug, and the resulting work makes for an altogether endearing counterpart to a song which is itself a suitably glamorous and colourful undertaking. Lifted from the forthcoming record from Okey Dokey – the project of fellow visual artist Aaron Martin and the Weeks’ guitarist Johny Fisher – the new track takes the pair’s varying influences and ties it in to the sweetest of bowed ribbons. Soaring, sugar-coated vocals and hand-claps lead the whole thing, before the deft instrumentation works its way in, propelling the track with a subtle breeze that makes for something wonderfully endearing.

The full record arrives on January 27th, just in time to fully extinguish those post-Christmas blues, but you can check out the new video below right now.

‘Love You, Mean It’ is released on January 27th


photograph by cj harvey 

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