Workmans Comp

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

A concept album based around the idea that mining and mountain-top removal will one day lead to the Appalachian Desert being a real and existing place, it’s true to say that OHIOAN’s forthcoming record mirrors the scorched and unforgiving landscape it projects at its heart, crafting an energetic and affecting blast of alt.country that somewhat beautifully sets up the full album release next month.

Building upon a swaggering, darkened opening wave of guitar, the track crawls slowly in to life with the addition of Ryne Warner’s rugged, scratchy lead vocal that has a menacing quality all of its own. This intimidating presence is heightened by the brash instrumental that underpins it all, crafting the kind of weighty, stifling atmosphere borne out of the story and the soil; black magic in the heart of the uncompromising Appalachian night.

Muscular and fascinating in equal measure, the new single precedes the album’s full release next month – and you can stream it below right now.

EMPTY/EVERY MT is released on May 13th, via Gold Robot Records

You can pre-order it here


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