Nuevoh! | #006

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There’s only so much you can do in less than two minutes of music but Bluffing get most of it done. Everything here is spot-on; from the slow-build start, to the vivacious blast of the guitars and those woo-woo-woo backing vocals, Sheltered is a brilliant slice of lofi rock that only sticks around for a minute and half but feels like it could go on forever and you’d never get bored of it. A debut LP called ‘Sugar coated pills of wisdom‘ is on the way. We can’t wait.


Paper Wallpaper


A sweet collection of hushed acoustic musings that are often beautiful, raw, delicately balanced and world weary. Created by two guys who met by chance when “playing guitar with a bunch of hippies one night in Istanbul” (as you do), this is their debut release, over a year on from that meeting, Paper Wallpaper is their self-titled LP and is a rather perfect middle-of-the-night soundtrack. Get it from Bandcamp here.




Being both seventeen years old and broken-hearted (“This is an album about finding out that she doesn’t love you back“), we can forgive WMD for slightly over-indulging. Sophrosyne is 26 tracks long and, after a brief calculation, looks to clock-in at around an hour an half. Thankfully most of it is wonderfully. Light and airy beats, subdued temperament and a genuine love for his craft is all very present and correct, the restraint can come later. An inspired and often magic collection; the whole thing is available here.


Alex Chilltown


Alex Chilltown. Alex Chilltown. Alex Chilltown. Say it a few times and then we can get over it and move on. Good? Good. A lofi noisy noisemaker from Croydon who’s debut single is a scratchy, half-buried slice of woozy, distorted pop music that feels something like being drunk in the day time. In a good way, when it feels like your own little secret, rather than a worrying concern. What we mean to say is; THIS IS GREAT. An EP would be love Alex, thanks.



I joked the other day that ‘dream pop duo from Brooklyn‘ was probably my most written sentence of the last three and a half years (it totally is) so, hurrah, for Satchmode then who are a dream pop duo from…Los Angeles. New track Old Fears has just enough melancholy, just enough restraint and just enough love for big bold pop songs to be very much loveable. More:


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