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A weekly guide to new music.

by Tom Johnson


Oh look, here’s a new band from Scandinavia! Oh look, they make effortlessly beautiful music! Grapell are a stockholm-based trio and their new three-track EP is a gorgeouslly orchestrated collection of pop songs. Opening track A Silver Line is a rich acoustic strum with a gorgeous lead falsetto, but they have other tricks up their sleeve. A White Fox In The Snow has a darkened Mew-like glow, while Fire Between would be a laid-back Summer sigh if it weren’t so affecting. Promising stuff indeed:

Nam Le

There’s not too much to say about this duo from Allentown, other than they make stupidly good post-hardcore. Drums clatter, guitars are smashed and the vocals scream, beg and damn well demand your attention. Eight tracks. Seventeen minutes. Glorious, glorious noise:

Victims Athletic

There’s something thrillingly dirty about Victims Atheltic. Not in a sexy way, in a grubby, unwashed and unhinged way – which is how we prefer our music most of the time (today at least). A four-piece from London/Norwich/Brighton, their new EP will be out later in the year but two new tracks from it have surfaced. Ski Lodge and Vaseline were both recorded live to tape, and it shows. Guitars fuzz, vocals growl and ear drums burst – but there’s something loveable here too. Victims Athletic, you filthy rogues:

Chemists // 化学者

This 8-track album from Chemists // 化学者 is the bedroom project of Danny Bozella and if it comes across as a series of musical sketches, well that’s because it’s supposed to. “The whole idea behind this side project is to go into recording a song with no idea,goal,genre or type of sound in mind. Just to simply pick a instrument and start recording.” Slow House Virtual is an often-gorgeous collection of slow-tempo chillwave/dream-pop to soundtrack your heat-wave induced day dreams:

Vic and Gab

Sister duo’s are our favourite duos at the moment. We’re still running scared from the weird folk of Hockeysmith that we posted last week, but Milwaukee’s Vic and Gab are a far more approachable pair. Jangly guitars, woo-woo backing vocals and a big dollop of loveable indie-pop. The music is tinged with sadness but it’s the kind you want to embrace and snuggle down with rather than run from. We’ll look after you Vic and Gab, promise:


A Parisian quartet making dark electronica is always going to be an intriguing prospect – and so it proves with Bloum. New track ‘On The Moon‘ offers hidden vocals, sparkling synths and a pulsing bassline that lays a solid foundation for the rest of the flourishing instrument to build itself upon. Which it does so in somewhat mesmerising style, the track dipping and weaving through a variety of dimmed landscapes, always moving, never allowing you to find your feet. You’re not safe here, but you won’t care. Very good indeed:


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