New Music:

Yours Are The Only Ears



words by tom johnson

Making good on her chosen moniker, Susannah Cutler has always had a knack of crafting subtle little pop songs that still manage to fill the surrounding space, like she’s whispering close by and yours, let’s say, are the only ears. Sharing a host of releases via Bandcamp over the past couple of years, Cutler has this week shared new track ‘Saturn’ alongside the news that her debut album proper will be released in the spring of 2018 via our friends over at Team Love Records (Choir Boy, Tica Douglas).

A drifting, dream-like introduction, Saturn might well appear to be weightless if it weren’t for the heavy sentiments that sit at its core. “Leave it alone / Nightmares come and go / And I’ve got no one left to tell me where to go / And please don’t leave me here alone,” Cutler sings with that soft-centred sigh as the instrumentation gentle warbles somewhere far off in the distance, like a dream you’re trying to chase the memory of while it quietly disappears in to the ether and the day takes shape around you regardless.

A beautifully compelling starting place for the new YATOE chapter – you can stream the new song below right now.



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