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Yours Are the Only Ears

Fire in My Eyes


words by tom johnson

Life, if we’re to be so dismissively straightforward, is all about balancing the big and small.┬áSusannah Cutler has a way with words that magnifies both of these two, often-terrifying, extremities in the most plain-stated of ways, her subtle voice delivering otherwise crushing sentiments with a listless sigh that seems to simply float in the ether, like an insect you can hear but can’t see, something gently pulling you back in to reality, to focus on what’s actually being said.

Listen passingly and you might find ‘Fire In My Eyes’ as a simple and pretty folk song, the smart instrumentation and weightless voice characters of such a thing. Climb inside it though and you’ll find something else entirely, Cutler balancing little moments of distraction (“Do you want to sit in my room and listen to music? I had something to tell you but I forgot it”) with sudden flashes of something wholly darker and more uncomfortable: “Do you want to go on your roof and stare at the pavement?” she asks, before adding “I imagine my body on the ground… Am I a good person?”

Like throwing yourself in to achingly cold water that initially seemed so inviting, it takes a couple of seconds to realise just what Cutler is singing and saying, the annunciation seemingly designed to add to that effect, all those powerful words presented to us in slow-moving scatterings, pieces of a puzzle not secretive just sedate, laboriously moving in to position like the person in the songs final line, ready to fall back to sleep, to silently disappear once more.

A moving and powerful three-minutes, ‘Fire In My Eyes’ is another striking moment from the new Yours Are The Only Ears record, which is released via Team Love on May 11th. Check it out below right now.



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