New Music:


“Future Me”


words by tom johnson

A glorious amalgamation of probably every record we’ve ever truly loved, Worriers have shared their brilliant new track “Future Me” alongside the news that the band have joined the Side One Dummy label for the release of their next full-length effort, to be released later this year, and of which the aforementioned track is pulled from.

Here I am future me, on the corner of 5th and Berkeley
Glorified canvas socks and this shredded jean jacket
The corners that I end up on by accident

With a set of lyrics that could have dropped out of The Weakerthans journal, a cacophonous instrumental that sends the whole thing rushing forward in glorious technicolour, and an overall atmosphere, informed by┬áLauren Denitzio’s resolute lead voice, that leaps between something heavily sentimental and a wide-eyed bracing against the breeze, a three-minute glimpse in to the heart of a life that has been, and is being, lived in; cracks, creases, and all. Check it out.




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