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worlds greatest dad

‘a song for mogis’


words by tom johnson

As memorable opening lines go “If I didn’t have a dog, I’d probably blow out my brains,” is instantly up there with the best of them, said words leaping out of ‘a song for mogis’, the crushing new track from worlds greatest dad, with reckless abandon, immediately setting the tone for all that follows within the track’s subsequent, formidable three-minutes.

Lifted from the Atlanta band’s brand new record, get well soon, which is released on May 11th, the new track, premiering below here today, is both punchy and direct, a strictly personal account of a life with more than enough guts and energy for the message and sentiments to translate to just about anyone else who finds themselves buried within it, dog or no dog. All led by Maddie Duncan’s vociferous voice, which expertly navigates that muddy ground between pop-punk/emo and something altogether more heartening, the new track bounds on from that opening declaration to rush through a host of intimate idiosyncrasies, piecing them together with the kind of head-rushing hooks that’ll sweep you off your feet. 

Smart, heartfelt, and more than a little reckless, ‘a song for mogis‘ makes for an exhilarating next-step; a face-to-the-wind embrace of life through all of its doubts and complexities. Check it out below right now and pre-order the new album here.



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