New Music:

Wilder Maker

Closer To God


words by tom johnson

Making good on their name, the new track from Wilder Maker is a wild ride, a nourishing six-minutes that bounds between influences and reference points to end up as some rousing, radical statement of intent. Unveiled here today, and available everywhere tomorrow, the new track is both the first to be taken from, and the opening number of, the band’s forthcoming new record, Zion, which will be released later this year via their new home on Northern Spy Records.

Tempting something as bold and brilliant as we’ve come to expect, and following on from last year’s Saddle Creek-released single, the band, which also features GFP-fave Katie Von Schleicher, pitch their new record as “a kaleidoscopic snapshot of years hustling for a break in New York City: waking up at 5 am to pour coffee for the brownstone-owning elite, waiting for a drug dealer on a city bench outside a blurry house party, moving catastrophically from apartment to apartment in the garbage scented heat, glimpsing euphoria through the ritual of taking your place among the anonymous crowd at a music festival, having your heart shattered in front of an audience at a bar, drunkenly contemplating bodega window displays, circling ever closer to something that could either be perfection or the drain, depending on the day.”

Making good on such weighty sentiments, the new track is a riotous unraveling, some great American trip through towns, and expanses, and powerful, beating hearts that channels the literary side of their work in to an unshackled ballad that bounds forward thanks to Gabriel Birnbaum thoroughly infectious lead vocal that is occasionally adorned by Von Schleicher’s own voice in a buoyant, frantic, sweaty, joyous energy, so palpable it’ll sustain you for days. Check it out below right away.



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