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Wild Pink

“Wizard of Loneliness”


by tom johnson

Earlier this year, Wild Pink released a four-track collection of songs called, yup, “4 Songs“, which released as a taster for their brand new album, which is set for release in February of 2017. Brilliantly received, and still amongst our favourite EP releases of the year, that collection now morphs in to something else again as the full-record’s release begins to take centre-stage, namely wit the release of brand new track “Wizard Of Loneliness” which sneaks out just before the holidays; streaming below for you as of right now.

Released via Tiny Engines (The Hotelier, Adult Mom), the new self-titled record is described as a record with the ability for “transporting you to those moments in time where the smallest detail remains etched into your being.” Such platitudes can be difficult to live up to but from the opening strands of the trio’s new track you might well find your day with a brand new imprint, for “Wizard Of Loneliness” is a subdued, somber account of loneliness in the presence of another, but it makes for a wonderfully affecting two-and-a-half minutes regardless. Held in place like a listless few hours that appear to take on even greater meaning as the seconds tick away, the track might disappear like a sudden shift in mood but the remnants of it will last for far longer; hanging around you like a shadow that doesn’t make sense, light or no light at all.

Check it out below; the new LP is released on February 10th.

Wild Pink’s self-titled debut is out February 10th, via Tiny Engines



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