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New Music:

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

“Life After Death (Stress Beyond Stress)”


words by tom johnson

The burgeoning project of former Tigers Jaw singer/guitarist Adam McIlwee, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal releases Raw and Declawed, a brand new EP, on July 14th via Disposition Collective, and “Life After Death (Stress Beyond Stress)“, which is streaming below from today, offers another shadowy look into its inner workings with a fogged and shadowy strum that slowly ambles along, dutifully, somewhat pained, simmering away quietly while leaving a little glimpse of something magic that resonates long after that last guitar note has rung out dry.

Offering a far-more delicate and deflated sound that one would usually associate with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, the results are no-less compelling, and there’s a graininess and burned-out edge to McIlwee’s voice and work here that truly buries itself under the skin. Somewhat drenched in solitude, the quiet shuffling of one person through a world that holds no special place for any of us, “Life After Death” is a sombre and heavy tale, one told before, but sitting here as something strictly personal – and all the more compelling for that very fact.

Check it out below right now; the EP is released this coming Friday, July 14th.

Pre-order Raw and Declawed here




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