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Why Bonnie



words by tom johnson

Released in January, Why Bonnie’s ‘Made Of Paper’ was a glowing introduction to the band’s forthcoming EP on Sports Day, an amalgamation of many of our favourite bands, but, most importantly, something that felt both instantly and importantly unique, an atmosphere and elegance crafted from their own distinct background.

Unveiled today, brand new track “Practice” is similarly and suitably compelling, shaped by a dark undercurrent which isn’t immediately noticeable, the track presenting a bright exterior which seems to shrivel over repeated listens, making way for something tense, eerie even, as the song and the sentiments within niggle away, slowly revealing more each and every time.

you cut my hair on a burned down porch
i choose to stay here
with you

Pairing that undulating lead voice with a soft flow of guitars, the track rolls on gracefully though its opening half, barely faltering or changing speed, like a journey passing by outside the car window, before the most subtle of shifts adds an extra weight to it all, that aforementioned air of mystery, of something hiding in the shadows, that pertinently shapes what’s left by the tracks departure. Equal parts gnarly and engaging, it’s another impressive showing from the Texan quartet – and you can stream it below right now.




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