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Way Yes

Dead Ringer


words by tom johnson

At first glimpse, it seems somewhat cruel for Way Yes to suddenly return just as the summer is departing, given that we’ve waited more than four years for a follow-up to their gleaming, hidden-gem-of-all-gems Tog Pebbles LP which left such a lasting impression upon us following its release all the way back in the heady days of 2013. Bright with colour, and packed full of some of the most melodically pretty guitar-pop songs we’ve ever got lost in, that record provided, and still provides, an exquisite soundtrack to sun-filled wanderings of the mind, one of those rare records that summons something way deep down inside, like light leaking in to places you never thought it could reach.

Released in October, new album Tuna Hair is announced this week and preceded by the gorgeous six-and-a-half minutes of “Dead Ringer”, which is streaming below for you from today. Thankfully, beautifully, the track comes underpinned by something akin to autumnal poignancy, the vocals a little faded at the edges, losing their colour a little in the new season but still glowing in their own unique way. The guitars, those guitars, remain at the forefront of it all, the beating heart that keeps the whole thing moving forwards, forceful and then lilting sumptuously in the quieter moments that drop in and out.

Rich and radiant, Dead Ringer makes for a captivating return, one that we’d nearly allowed ourselves to forget about, while quietly pining for all along. Breathe it in.

‘Tuna Hair’ is released on October 20th, via Gold Robot Records



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