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New Music:

Water From Your Eyes

We’re Set Up


words by tom johnson

Musically, the new single from Water From Your Eyes is akin to getting swept up inside a colourful parade you nothing about, a swarm of prickly sights and sounds, with no tangible context, that immediately lifts you and carries you along. Thematically, however, its something else again, ‘We’re Set Up’ pieced together by a cryptic patchwork of sentiments and sentences, little strands of thought amid the surrounding display that makes for something wholly captivating.

Lifted from the duo’s brand new six-track EP, released in early 2018 via Exploding In Sound’s tape club, and following on from a healthy dose of releases over the past year or so, ‘We’re Set Up’ might well be WFYE’s most adventurous and invigorating cut to-date, a broad stroke of motorik pulses and dance-led undertones that feels wildly compelling throughout. Infectious and beautifully poised, there’s something of a confident swagger here – and it’s well justified, the track rolling on for more than six jubilantly-crafted minutes, a vivacious, née vital, next-step from the ever-promising pair.

All A Dance is released via Exploding In Sound on January 19th – you can pre-order it here – and be sure to check out the brand new track below right now.



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