New Music:

Water From Your Eyes

Let It Ring


words by tom johnson

photograph by kamau wainaina

Despite their tender years, we’ve already had an illustrious relationship with Water From Your Eyes here at GFP, immediately falling for their inventive pop music and following each step of their feted journey thus far. That being said, even we were blown away by their latest chapter, a sonic shift that has seen their sound develop in to motorik, wide-ranging soundscapes that recalls the likes of Stereolab and other much-lauded adventurers.

New album, All A Dance, due out this month, sees the duo get some much-rewarded label experience, wih the release being handled by the wonderful Exploding In Sound Records, and we’re very pleased to share another cut from it today in the form of ‘Let It Ring’, a six-and-a-half minute expansion of their sound that needles its way in to your consciousness with its repeated, rudimentary composition. Never once pausing for breath, the track is a groove-laden delight, the still-subtle bed of beats and gentle bass providing the lapping undercurrent for┬áRachel Brown’s plaintive, perfumed voice to glide above, as quietly intoxicating as ever before.

The full record arrives next Friday, January 19th, and you can listen to ‘Let It Ring’ in all of its spiralling glory right here:



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