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“Limit To Forgiveness”


words by ross jones

Out today through the consistently engaging independent Memorials of Distinction, Born Ticking is the warmly immersive full-length from Viewfinder. The new project is from London-based Joel Burton, an artist who chews over freedom and adjustment through liberating craft and lucid, open expression. Alongside the record’s release, Burton has shared a new video for ‘Limit To Forgiveness’ – a slow-ticking brush of contemplation and adaption that’s a suitable mid-way point for the record, knitting Burton’s forthright calculation of words with his expressive musical structures that elicit as much emotion as his aforementioned illustrative lyricism.

From within the hum of a working analogue reel Burton emits colourful, adventurous sounds – elements that morph into tender, romantic harmonies and spacious, warbling synths, almost guided by the methodical layers of guitar that weave with unending variety that still somehow evoke an immediate familiarity. There is a shrewd enlightened nature to Burton’s philosophy, a weary voice of perception that is wistful yet still uncompromisingly spirited, a disorientated voice floating towards home and back within their own body, crafting a balance of the personal and universal.

Born Ticking is available now via Memorials of Distinction, view the video for ‘Limit To Forgiveness’ below.

‘Born Ticking’ is out now – buy it here


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