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A Friend Named Paul


words by tom johnson

Taking another seamless, bounding leap toward their brand new album, Parallel Person, which is released via Babe City Records at the end of the month, Varsity today share sparkling new track “A Friend Name Paul” – and were very pleased to present a first-listen of the Chicago quintet’s latest work, which is streaming below for you right now.

As bright as we’ve come to expect, the band’s brilliant next-step is Varsity at their colourful and alluring best, the three-and-a-half minutes flowing by with a beautifully melodic sway,its sparkling guitar lines juxtaposed somewhat by the little peak of poignancy that those lilting vocals bring to the whole piece. That underlying poignancy comes from the song’s central theme, which depicts a sharp sense of listlessness, a shy sense of foreboding which still manages to permeate through the song’s much sunnier exterior. “Come over tonight, bring a candle. We’ll just sit and stare. We can share in the feeling of going nowhere,” Stephanie Smith sings, just about holding it together, seemingly, as the song bubbles determinedly along, fighting to remain affirmative in spite of it all.

A sweet but quietly subdued pop song, “A Friend Name Paul” is indicative of Varsity’s solid, well-fashioned craft, while still managing to keep its cards close to its chest; a flicker of sorrow on an otherwise smiling face.

The full album is out on April 27th; check out the new song below right now.

‘Parallel Person’ is released on April 27th, via Babe City Records



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