New Music:

Underwater Boys

“Everyone You Know”


words by ross jones

Even on their debut single, Underwater Boys possess a rich texture that warrants significant listens to their loose and evocative pop. Releasing Everyone You Know with Cannibal Hymns, the duo stretch out warm, layered jams that somehow still feel incisive, wringing the clouding mournfulness from their understated, shrewd wordplay.

Rather than summoning an isolating imbalance between charming, sunny pop and troubled lyricism, Tom & Nick Klar have the ability to infuse and embed such a notion within their music thematically, the sentiment of dealing with such troubles evoking a journey than adds further emotional authentication to their music. The single leaves such a significant impression straight from the off, aching synths accentuate the forlorn nature of Tom’s bracing delivery while Nick’s vibrant, dancing rhythms successfully craft with consideration, eliciting a warmth that is instinctual and notably sincere.

The Everyone You Know 7″ will be available from Cannibal Hymns, take a listen to the single below.

Underwater Boys play their first ever show, supporting Our Girl,

at The Lexington in London on the 13th September




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