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Trophy Dad

“Louis Sachar”


by alex wexelman

Over the past year I’ve found myself listening to fewer and fewer male artists. As someone who presents as male, but is at total odds with masculinity, I’ve been relating much more strongly with songs written from the female perspective (though, in writing this, I am also wary of reinforcing the gender binary). In songs written by men, there is often a casual dismissal of women that always turns me off. It feels like punching down. But I will rock out any day to a song that so blatantly dismisses men—especially one that rocks as hard as Trophy Dad’s single “Louis Sachar.”

Lyricist Abby Sherman’s describes the song as being about, “a straight white dude being a piece of shit,” which is an excellent, if not simplified summation of the song. Straight white dudes being pieces of shit is what all history books should be mandatorily subtitled so let’s dive deeper into what the song entails.

It kicks off with a prog-like organ intro – more in the “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” way than “I’ve Seen All Good People” kind of way – all crashing drums and warm bass tones, then shifts into bass-and-vocal driven rock song in which Sherman describes watching the male gaze in action and wanting to intervene. On the refrain she sings to herself, “don’t cause a scene / don’t cause a scene / don’t cause a scene / it will be all right.” Patriarchal society encourages women to minimise themselves and paints them as “overreacting” when they voice opposition to oppression. Sherman witnesses this guy being a jerk, but is unable to confront him personally, so instead she wrote this song. Here’s what she said:

“It’s about a boi valuing looks over any other aspect of a person and being apathetic about it because he doesn’t want to be sad and alone. He continues to be a huge asshole despite the fact that it makes people sad and upset because he apparently has no concept of what it’s like to be a genuine, caring human in sexual/romantic relationships. Meanwhile, I am watching all this shit happen and internally screaming and instead of saying anything about it, I wrote a song, haha, because that solves all of my problems or something.”

All proceeds will be donated to the Dane County Rape Crisis Center

Trophy Dad’s ‘Dogman‘ EP will be released next year


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