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words by tom johnson

It’s hard to know whether Triathalon belong in some other time and place entirely or whether they simply render such things useless, crafting miniature worlds of their own with each new luxurious jam that comes along. Case in point, new track Couch, released this week alongside news that their much-anticipated, brand new full-length album will be released in early 2018 via the Broken Circles label.

Exquisitely produced, as we’ve come to expect, ‘Couch’ is a three-minute gem, a dimly-lit space crafted from a simmering lead vocal and luxurious instrumentation that has become something of the band’s staple over the past couple of years. Withdrawn but eminently romantic, the slow-mo ballad permeates the kind of mood that can shift the whole shape of your day, adding an almost dizzying sense of wooziness to whatever surroundings you find yourself listening from.

The ‘Online’ LP is released on February 16th – and available to pre-order here, via Broken Circles – and you can check out the new track below right now.




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