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New Music:

Tree House

“Water Fountain”


words by tom johnson

Informed by the need to keep noise to a minimum in his paper-walled Brooklyn apartment, Tree House’s debut EP, arriving later this year via Memorials Of Distinction, has now found its way across the pond, to London, where those skeletal sketches have been brought to new life with Will Fortna’s new London-based band – and Water Fountain, which is streaming below from today, makes for the most sumptuous of introductions; a beautifully colourful piece of pop music just when the season seemed to be burying such things.

“This is the first and so far only recording on which I’ve had other musicians contribute,” Fortna says of his new track. “The players on the song are the members of the live band…and it has a real warmth to it and gives the clearest impression of how we play together.”

Led by Fortna’s glowing but hazy lead voice, the track weaves those honeyed tones in to a sumptuous instrumental backdrop, all delicate, lilting guitars and minimal but affectionate adornments. “Unlike some of the other songs on the EP, the lyrics of ‘Water Fountain’ don’t paint any individual narrative or theme,” says Fortna. “Instead, I wanted to use them impressionistically, in the same way as the music – giving colour to a particular feeling or image.

A captivating introduction to what might well be one of the autumn’s most alluring soundtracks, ‘Water Fountain’ is taken from Tree House’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Into The Ocean’, which is due on 19th September via Memorials of Distinction. Check it out below right now.

Live dates:

7th September – The Montague Arms, Peckham



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