New Music:

Tiny Fireflies



words by tom johnson

The year is 2040, the world as we once knew it has indelibly changed, society has crumbled and is now controlled by robots and the internet and yet, somewhere, in a dusty bedroom that sits as a remnant of the what came before, Tiny Fireflies continue to craft sublime pop music, tender, aching reminders of something more meaningful…

Lifted from their brand new stand-alone 7″ single, which was introduced last month by ‘Nothing’ over on The 405, and should be available to order at the end of the month, Chicago duo Tiny Fireflies today unveil the record’s flip-side, in the for of the mesmerising five-minutes of ‘2040’. The duo have always excelled in the hazier side of their dream-pop concoctions, and their new track reaffirms such a thing; the ambiguous swirl of the composition quietly embedding itself in to the forefront of your consciousness as it rolls on and on and on.

“Here we are again; I think I said enough,” singsĀ Kristine Capua with suitably wilting poignancy, those nine words offering something of a puzzle piece to the track’s greater image, as absorbing in their equivocacy as they’ve always been. Check out the stirring new song below right away.



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