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New Music:

The Saxophones

“New Tradition”


words by ross jones

Creativity, especially within music, has this wonderfully intimate quality that allows for it to be shaped by experience and identity as much as knowledge and skill. The duo of Alexi Erenkov and Alison Alderdice, the husband and wife who form The Saxophones, carry a width of aptitude and ability in their beautifully formed compositions – yet what makes it so moving is the context of its place in the world, and the approach the duo take to deciphering and understanding life’s turns and fortunes and leaving their workings out across their sound.

With a new EP available now through Full Time Hobby, the duo have shared the priceless minimalism of ‘New Tradition’ ~ a striking, colourful piece thats forgiving and affirming in a very direct, individual sense. As modest guitars and striking woodwind weave and invert within the spacious capacity that the duo purposefully exude, Erenkov quaintly paints a figure taking a step towards self-practise in learning, making pronouncements that almost act as self-help for the conscience. As brass overwhelms and drums break the air, Erenkov remains modest and humble – almost timidly taking the next footing into actualisation.

A poignant moment, ‘New Tradition’ is taken from ‘If You’re On The Water‘ – the new single available now via Full Time Hobby. View the video for ‘New Tradition’ below.


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