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The Saxophones

‘Mysteries Revealed’


words by tom johnson

Despite its title, ‘Mysteries Revealed‘ does little to give away the secret that lies within The Saxophones exquisite pop songs, an deep-seated vagueness that is both tender and completely alluring. Readying their debut album, which is released on June 1st via Full Time Hobby, the couple continue to find new ways of toying with time, slowing and stretching the minutes and seconds of a day with a woozy elegance that makes little sense until you’re lost within it.

Streaming below from today, their latest track us further proof of such sentiments, the song’s three-and-a-half minutes so finely detailed is more cartography than music, tiny lines drawn out so slenderly you can’t even begin to see the bigger picture until it lies fully formed in front of you. The production and musicianship is suitably refined, as has become their calling-card, their magical grasp of balance prevalent once more as the sultry sway of the instrumental sits as the perfect backdrop for the equally weightless vocals to drift upon.

Another graceful composition, with just the smallest hint of playfulness to promote greater exploration, it makes for a beautiful introduction to the duo’s new album, and we’re extremely pleased to share it here today. Check it out:

Live Dates:

May 15th- The Slaughtered Lamb, London, UK
May 18th – The Great Escape, Brighton, UK
May 19th – Le Pop-Up du Label, Paris, France



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