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“Earth Day”

A Green Day covers compilation 


words by sammy maine

When the days pass by in the blur of devastating tragedies, inconceivable situations and an ever-growing despairing, demoralizing every day, it can be hard to see the good in the world. Our breath feels heavy, our hearts and limbs are heavier and the overwhelming noise of our inner-anger can oftentimes make us feel as though our actions are hopeless and invalid. Thankfully, there are people like jodi’s Nick Levine and Pinegrove’s Evan Stephens Hall who can offer an outlet of hope and remind us of the good that so often surrounds us.

Together, they compiled Earth Day  a Green Day tribute album featuring covers from themselves as well as Pinegrove’s Zack Levine, Sam Skinner and Josh Marre. Adult Mom, Kevin Devine, Lomelda, Ratboys, Sorority Noise, Field Medic, Hovvdy also feature. jodi’s cover of “scattered” is particularly poignant with their dreamy, thoughtful vocal delivery, while Lomelda’s rendition of “good riddance” is an affecting, considerate listen. More vigorous performances come from Hall’s cover of “burnout” and Zack Levine’s punch-in-gut version of “86” while Ratboys’ “pulling teeth” is a perfect, pop-punk banger.

What started as a project to raise money for an environmental organisation quickly turned into a benefit for the people of Puerto Rico, with Nick Levine writing, “things are more urgent in a localized way than any of us could have anticipated when we started organizing this. The people of puerto rico are suffering at the intersection of environmental catastrophe and colonial subjugation and your donation here will help provide them desperately needed material support,” they add.

While Earth Day is an eclectic, moving piece of work that celebrates one of the greatest punk bands in the world – also proving the extended talents of its contributors – the album serves as a reminder that we can do something to make the every day a little bit better. That when we come together, we thrive, we blossom, we flourish. In a world when it’s often so difficult to even wake up in the morning, the people of Earth Day offer a glowing reassurance.

All proceeds from Earth Day go to the Puerto Rico Maria fund


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