New Music:

Terry vs. Tori

“Leap Day”


words by tom johnson

Those looking for a dreamy summer soundtrack to escape inside will find much to love in the new tape from Terry Vs. Tori, a gleaming five-track EP released last week via LA’s Spirit Goth Records. A colourful display of pertinent guitar runs and dream-pop tendencies, “Leap Day” finds the Spanish quartet in alluring mood, the sun-drenched soundscapes drifting hazily in the distance like a dream you can’t quite place.

Lead track “High Tide” immediately sets the tone, and it’s bright textures flow like warm veins through the heart of this collection. Occasionally lent a more thoughtful and poignant edge, thanks most chiefly to that hazy lead vocal which¬†stirs notions of brooding retreat; quiet nooks of summer where the sun never quite reaches.

“Leap Day” is out now, via digital or limited edition cassette through Bandcamp, and you can stream it in full right here:



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