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Tan Cologne

“Strange God”


words by tom johnson

The sumptuous musical project of Lauren Green (formerly Mirror Travel) and Marissa Macias, Tan Cologne first met in Taos, New Mexico, almost five years ago, forming a beautiful collaboration which has led to Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico, their stunning new dream-pop collection that arrives later this month via the Swedish label, Labrador (The Radio Dept, Maria Usbeck).

The record takes another mystical leap forward with the release of Strange God, the duo’s brand new single which is premiering below here today, via an equally captivating video, made from a series of resurfaced 16mm footage from film-maker, Carly Short.

“This song tells a winding story of a dry desert river bed, with newly exposed clay and rock formations,” Tan Cologne say of the new song. “We imagined pouring plaster into the crevices and replicating the unique shapes found in the river bed. Strange God examines the indulgences and naivety of our human desire to both claim and conquest – a revolving conflict in the history of New Mexico and the West, as well as personal ego.”

Featuring “nautical imagery, portal-like punched-cut film, film glitches and leaked light,” the new video makes for the perfect visual companion to a song that is suitably cinematic. An intriguing swirl of voice and instrumentation, “Strange God” is both bold and bewitching, drifting through five-minutes of spellbinding magic that makes for the perfect backdrop to the skewed scenes playing out above.

Check it out below right now, and be sure to dive into the suitably mesmeric new album when it arrives on February 14th.

Warning: This video may trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Cave Vaults On The Moon In New Mexico

is released February 14th, via Labrador

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