New Music:

Swear Tapes

Blasé Blasé


words by tom johnson

photograph by sophie clay

Blessed by the kind of sweet introductions that immediately draws you in to its world, Blasé Blasé is the brilliant new track from Swear Tapes, the working project of Young Buffalo’s Jim Barrett (and younger brother of Bass Drum of Death’s John Barrett), who is set to release his latest work, a brand new album entitled Second Son, via the ever-interesting Muscle Beach label (Kate Teague, Starman Jr).

Unveiled here today, the new track is a bright and buoyant guitar-pop gem, a colourful three-minutes or so that drifts in on a weightless breeze and settles like some listless summer day that you can’t escape. “Will I have enough love for the next step, or is this the best I’ll ever get?” Barrett sings, as the instrumentation gently swirls around his voice in a delightful meeting of heart and soul.

Informed by power-pop tendencies, with little hints of psych-flourishes that keeps the whole thing beautifully vibrant, the track makes for a satisfying taster to the forthcoming new record, which arrives via Muscle Beach on April 20th, and you can get lost in its decidedly sultry sway below right now. Check it out:



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