New Music:

Suggested Friends



by tom johnson

Currently recording their debut album, with an eye toward a 2017 release, London’s Suggested Friends are sharing new music in the form of “Chicken”, a new track set for release via Odd Box Records’ 7″ single series, ‘100 Club’, and we’re very pleased to unveil the track via its accompanying video today.

All the members of Suggested Friends play in other bands (Wolf Girl, Chorusgirl, and Cat Apostrophe), on “Chicken”, however, the four-piece sound brilliantly distinct, wrapping their varying influences in to one rabid burst of lofi indie-rock. Spiky basslines, thick wedges of guitar, and a restless energy that drags you right in to the heart of their spirited concoction, “Chicken” makes for a somewhat breathless couple of minutes, but an exceedinly endearing one at that. Check it out below and grab a pre-order here.

Pre-order ‘Chicken’ via Oddbox Records here



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