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Strawberry Runners

Dog Days


words by tom johnson

The dogs aren’t over at all, it transpires, despite what we were previously told. They are, in fact, alive and well, able to be conjured up and leapt back in to in just a few short minutes thanks to the glorious latest single from Strawberry Runners‘ forthcoming¬†In The Garden, In The Night LP, which arrives later this month via Salinas Records.

Unveiled yesterday via a suitably charming video, Dog Days finds¬†Emi Night in glowing, glistening mood, the first half of the track full of tender moments of escape, from taking shoes off by the river, to smoke drifting from a backyard, before it erupts (with quiet consideration) in to something altogether more immediate. That first half is magical, however, Night’s lilting voice fading, slowly, like the end of the season, carrying the same sense of poignancy and deep-seated melancholy that so often binds itself to such times.

Instigated by a beautiful instrumental break which introduces inspired brass flourishes and a more forceful gaze, the final minute or so sends the track spiralling in to something both significant and vital, both as a radiant pop song in an artistic sense, and as a beautiful retreat from this hellish current landscape. Yup, it’s that good. Watch it below right now.

‘In The Garden, In The Night’ is released on October 20th, via Salinas




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