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Stef Chura

“Spotted Gold


by ross jones

Rooted within the basements of Michigan’s DIY scene, Stef Chura has done everything off her own back for years – and now with her first full-length ‘Messes’, prospers in having had the focus to achieve and cement her place within something even bigger than The Great Lakes. ‘Spotted Gold’ the latest track to be unveiled from the record, embraces her vitality and drive – all the while evoking something stirringly emotive thats identifies Chura as an immediately engaging character.

The most striking of voices is incandescent throughout, displaying a Midwestern twang unbrushed and raw as she approaches her highest pitches with undeniable response. Leading minor chords through a rush of subtle disappointment and longing, Chura empathises with those wanting to leave, but can’t help but call after them hoping they might turn back. Delivering with a perfectly imbalanced combination of dead-pan brush-offs and evident pensiveness, Stef Chura has pressed and pressed herself and in doing so created something gold.

The full album is released at the end of the month – check out ‘Spotted Gold’ below right now.

‘Messes’ is released on January 27th, via UrinalCakeRecords


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