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words by tom johnson

One of the stirring hidden gems of last year, Brianna Kelly’s bewitching split release with Sympathy Pain presented a hazy, sprawling, and often desolate landscape. Though formed of just six songs, the release spanned nearly fifty-minutes of music, and was released via the ever-engaging Whited Sepulchre label, which, most notably, was also the label behind Midwife’s groundbreaking ‘Like Author, Like Daughter‘ LP.

More than a year on from the aforementioned split, Kelly returns once more, this time as part of cluster of humans who call themselves Soften, who return this summer with their first new work since 2017.

Immediately more direct, their new EP, Soften Forever, is led by the punchy four-minutes of ‘Iridescent’ – which is streaming below for your right now. A gleaming burst of indie-rock, the track is notably framed by melancholic wanderings; little nooks and shadows where the music occasionally goes to hide; the latter half of the song where the restlessness is tempered and exchanged for something more drawn-out and stormy.

A swirling, shoegazey sucker-punch, the new track makes for a wholly compelling return, a beautiful first-step that whets the appetite for what the rest of the EP holds within. Check it out below right now, and pre-order the new record via Bandcamp below.


Pre-order the ‘Soften Forever’ EP via Bandcamp


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