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Small Reactions

“Sessions Street”


words by tom johnson

We’re not quite sure what “nerve-pop” means, but somehow it still makes perfect sense in the case of Small Reactions, an Atlanta quartet who are gearing up for the release of their new album RXN_002 later this Summer. You don’t have to take our word for it, however, new track “Sessions Street“, which is streaming below from today, is indicative of such a term; prickly, wired; a fist of pent-up nervous energy.

Perhaps, then, Small Reactions most notable aspect isn’t the mood itself but the way they balance it, how they never give in to the nervousness but, instead, counter it with flashes of colour, just when the whole thing is threatening to break apart. And so we get the light and dark, the rough and the smooth, and it all hangs in tandem brilliantly; precarious but together, for now. Led by staticky bursts of guitar, “Sessions Street” is a somewhat breathless three-minutes, little hints of Women-esque freak-outs held together by that gravelly lead vocal that manages to refine the whole thing in to to something that feels thrillingly vibrant, in spite of the dark.

The full record arrives on August 4th; check out the new track below right now.

New album ‘RXN_002‘ is released on August 4th



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